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Our practitioners are regularly teaching and sharing the art of Optimal Living through workshops, classes, and events. We invite you to join us!

Social Styles and Versatility: Understanding and Managing Behavioral Differences

Social Styles and Versatility: Understanding and...

Jedi Training and Other Magical Life Tools

Jedi Training and Other Magical Life...

How to Get High on Life

How to Get High on Life A new kind of workshop!...

Our Mission

We are a collective of leading-edge transformational practitioners and growth facilitators sharing a vision of the highest expression of well-being for all humans.  We work to empower individuals, couples, families, businesses, and organizations in the SF Bay Area, and all over the world, through our workshops, classes, and private practices.

We are inspired by the amazing potential of human beings.  We come together sharing the foundational belief that at the heart and soul level, everyone is whole and not “disordered”.  If suffering exists, it is a symptom of disconnection from one’s true essence.  The purpose of our work is to reconnect people with their own creative potential and with their own power to live from their essence.

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