Our Mission

We are a collective of leading-edge transformational practitioners and growth facilitators sharing a vision of the highest expression of well-being for all humans.  We work to empower individuals, couples, families, businesses, and organizations in the SF Bay Area, and all over the world, through our workshops, classes, and private practices.

We are inspired by the amazing potential of human beings.  We come together sharing the foundational belief that at the heart and soul level, everyone is whole and not “disordered”.  If suffering exists, it is a symptom of disconnection from one’s true essence.  The purpose of our work is to reconnect people with their own creative potential and with their own power to live from their essence.

The coaches in our collective have a strong grounding and understanding of the depths of the human psyche.  And the therapists in our collective work from positive psychology / transformational / transpersonal models, rather than from psychoanalytic or disease /medical models.

Many of us take a systems approach to our work, either working with systems of families, organizations, or couples, or working on systems of beliefs within individuals.

We honor relationships as containers for growth and transformation.  As sacred mirrors.  And as the reason we are here: to love one another.

We honor the body as a sacred vehicle of deep wisdom.  A valuable and empowering aspect of ourselves and important in the overall picture of our health and well-being.

We honor the energy body as an influential subtle system interacting with our thoughts, feelings, and physicality.

We honor sexuality as a vital energy that is beautiful, human, and healing.

We honor creativity and the very basic desire for self-expression.  We teach our clients to re-connect with their own creative power to change their lives.

We honor self-care and the importance of a healthy work / life balance.

We honor the spiritual dimensions of our lives and our clients lives.

We honor the polarities of the feminine and the masculine.

We honor the intelligence and growth potential of our clients and workshop participants: we had to learn all of this stuff, and you can, too.

We value the idea of personal growth, transformation, and continual evolution.  Life is a journey, not a destination.  Optimal Living is about enjoying this journey to the best of our ability.




We came together at first as Ania Fizyta was searching for resonant practitioners to rent space in her office suite in Jackson Square.  A community of amazing professionals soon developed, many drawn also to working with Stuart Sovatsky, Ania’s inspiring mentor who shares this space.  It soon became clear that we had organically grown into a cutting-edge collective, powerful practitioners who all work from a perspective of empowering our clients to reconnect to their hearts and shine their light in their own lives.  The transformational paradigm feels normal to us, as we experience over and over again how accessible change really is.

When we go outside our circle, we notice that this view is less common in the mainstream of mental health.  We are taking a stand for the idea that every human being can be happy.  Healthy and loving relationships are attainable by all.  Healing happens.  And healing doesn’t need to be years or decades of psychotherapy.  And there’s a whole world beyond just basic healthy functioning!  We are interested in helping people live to their highest potential.  Ecstatic love.  Spiritual awakening.  Vibrant creative flow.  Inspiring integrity.  Deep authenticity.  Bliss.